Oasis Of Relaxation By The Deep Blue Waters Of Greece

Outstanding summer retreat with panoramic terrace and infinity pool: the traditional Mediterranean style is given a more contemporary twist

Athens-based architectural firm Block 722 Architects designed a stunning summer house in the gorgeous Greek island of Syros.

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The makeover project takes off from the owners’ main desire to reach the ideal indoor-outdoor communicationbetween the house and the Aegean Sea by minimising site disturbance and merging gracefully with the natural, almost immaculate surroundings.

The architectural space develops longitudinally along its length and over a rectangular volume with multiple exposures facing all four ways. It can be accessed from the back of the house through a series of small courtyards that have been planted with local herbs.

Stretching over a 400 square-metre area, the villa boasts large picture windows allowing for truly panoramic views and a sun-drenched veranda-solarium with an infinity pool suspending dramatically over Plagia bay.

Built-in furniture made of wood and local stone goes hand in hand with a selection of bright-coloured natural-fabric sofas featured in the open plan living space and the more than stylish grey Cementina tile flooring. By flooding the house with plenty of natural light, a succession of skylights successfully contributes to the smooth transition between landscape and architecture.

www.block722.com | Source: http://www.elledecor.it

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