Farm Restoration Project

Within the shell of an old farm house, this stunning volume rises as example of modern farmhouse reconstruction possibilities. Working with a structure that was completely in ruin, Fernando Coelho Architects exemplary reconstructed and improved the structure brick by brick. This attention to details can be seen throughout the home known as RM House.

Adding an extra 200 square meters to the existing structure of the old farmhouse, architects increased the amount of indoor space and imagined the way the floor plan was to be used. They also beautifully construct a powerful link between new and old. Photographs by José Campos show us the RM House from different perspectives. Thanks to these images, we get a better feel of the space arrangement spreading over 540 square meters.

RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-1 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-2 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-3 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-4 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-5 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-6 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-7 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-8 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-9 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-10 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-11 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-12 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-13 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-14 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-15 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-16 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-20 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-21 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-22 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-23 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-24 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-25 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-26 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-28 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-29 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-30 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-31 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-32 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-35 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho-38 RM-House-by-Fernando-Coelho
Source: Freshome

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