Foster+Partners creates high luxury for the high seas

If there is one thing that Lord Norman Foster doesn’t lack, it’s awards—and vision (which technically makes it two things). His award-winning architecture and design firm, Foster+Partners—armed with a battery of prestigious projects to its name, including the Doughnut (the second Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California)—has also diversified into parallel design streams. Yacht design for one. Bringing his unique brand of luxury and impeccable design to the high seas, Lord Norman Foster’s creativity and contemporary aesthetic is poured out in sublime form with these three iconic yachts.
Alen Yacht 68: The 68 stands for the length, in feet of the Alen Yacht, and while the 184-foot-long Panthalassa may dwarf this yacht (made for the same owner, incidentally), that is in no way reflected in the flawlessly crafted proportions. And it certianly doesn’t come up short in the interiors as well, with materials such as bleached oak, white leather (on the walls) and onyx, also in white, adding more than a touch of luxury. Meant for 12 guests, the yacht features an entertainment lounge area at the front end (the prow), which filters in natural light from the strip of glazing in the ceiling, and a master suite with a double bed . The furniture follows the contours of the walls and not the hull, exposing a space in-between—room enough for three cabins. Custom-made furnishings include a unit of three sun loungers above deck, and a bench along one side of the outdoor dining table that doubles up as the driver’s seat. img0-1YachtPlus’s 40 Signature Series : YachtThis superyacht can best be described as a 41-metre-long piece of floating architeture. A combination of contemporary material and innovative approach has created a boat that ensures more luxury, more privacy and a fair bit of drama, design-wise. Foster’s approach was an extension of his aesthetic when it comes to buildings—creating spaces with more light, space and comfort. This superyacht has more deck space, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and a spacious saloon to ensure maximum light in closed spaces. Flooring made of coconut husk fibre, along with the liberal use of teak offset the contemporary white and curved geometries.
img3-1 img7 img16Panthalassa: It’s remarkably 56 metres long, and a sight to behold! A three-storey superyacht, the Panthalassa has a fly deck right at the top, the main cabin below and the guest quarters another level down below that. And they’re all connected with an oval-shaped stairway. Surrounding it is a screen of light-reflecting rods to reflect daylight into the living spaces. And like every space touched by the Foster + Partners hand, this one, too, is all about light, air and mind-boggling luxury—a case in point being the “undulating chaise longue that wraps around the edge of the cabin”. Teak wood and leather follow the diktat of using natural materials, which complement the aluminium hull. img21 img32 img52 img62 yachtplus-superyacht yachtplus-yacht_img0

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