A Sophisticated House in South Africa

In the spectacular coast of South Africa , this contemporary designed residence is locatedand with the help of ARRCC office professionals the owners transformed their dream into reality.

In all areas of this house the sense of height and width is omnipresent. The owners , they love entertainment and want their home to reflect their lifestyle .




casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_689147158_800x1200 casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_980689773_800x1200 casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_569308675_1200x800 casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_583453429_1200x800 casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_254993189_1200x800Most furniture pieces were custom designed by OKHA .

casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_492033789_800x1200 casa_sofisticada_en_sudafrica_96285068_1200x800

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